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I’m a real visual person, so the 3D 360’ imagery is powerful. You don’t ever see yourself from this kind of view, seeing every inch from every angle – the scan gave that to me. I can see my full body composition, along with measurements, weight and BMR – super easy to read, and interact with. Yes it was a bit confronting seeing an image of myself this way the first time, but it keep me accountable to work on the areas that I wanted to. Once I had a second scan done, I was able to compare my data and imagery – it’s a really encouraging way to see changes.

Mike made the process so easy and comfortable – he explained how to do the scan, and then left me to it. Total privacy so there’s no awkwardness. The scan was quick and easy to do and the results were fast – some instant information, and within 20 minutes all the data was available. Mike talked me through what it meant, and how to read it. I can access my own scans at anytime on any device. I’d highly recommend using this for anyone who wants to see their hard work paying off – it’s a game changer!


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The Fit3D Body Scanner is an amazing piece of technology. The amount of data and the speed in which it arrives is fantastic. I used to be really concerned about the numbers on the scales, as this was the easiest way to see how things were. Now you can get very specific with any areas you need to focus on. Its not just from the way you look outwardly either. The data like overall body rating, fat mass and posture all have health implications. It's a great predictor of any underlining health issues one may have. From there, it's about putting a plan in place, sticking with it and comparing the data at a later date to see improvements. 

The 3D images are confronting! We see ourselves in 2D in photos and mirrors. When you see yourself in a 3D image theres nowhere to hide, it can be a real wake up call. But thats a good thing, it just means you know where you are and you then must decide where you want to be.


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Kia ora. Stepping onto the Fit3D Body Scanner for the first time was 'strange' (for me). The information though I received afterwards, was truthful (a smack of reality). What I needed to hear and see. I was able to see exactly how my body was configured, not just the weight. It was time to start doing something, about why I walked in the Hangar doors.


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I was anxious about my first body scan but I could immediately see that my posture had some improving to do and that I had fat stored in certain areas. The results from the scan were sent to my email before I could get dressed.  6 months later after a good workout programme and a balanced diet I could see myself as a more confident person. Highly recommend Fit3D scans as they can be valuable in achieving your fitness & body goals.


TESTIMONIALS:  Fit3D Scanner and 6 Week Challenge



2021 has been a year for change for me. Gave up smoking, got engaged, and a major renovation on my house. Combined with a typically cold Dunedin winter and indulging a few too many treats while enjoying the NRL seasons. I found my dad bod (108.5kg) had returned with a vengeance. I had a bag full of excuses, no motivation to change, but I needed to as I was quickly approaching 40. Simple task such as tying shoes laces was a struggle. My state of mind was not good.

One night scrolling through Facebook, the AM I FIT 6 Week Challenge popped up on my feed. I saw this as my ticket back to a healthy happy life. So, I meet with Mike and jumped on board.

The first week was tough, barely able to walk after each session. The AM I FIT team helped me manage my niggles and provided me with some more tailored exercises, and recovery techniques so I could continue working towards my goals. The more I went the easier it got. Combined with the meal advise Mike had given me, the weight fell off. The team at AM I FIT made this journey a breeze. I lost 12.5KG, 5.8% of body fat in the 6 weeks. I would highly recommend the AM I FIT 6 Week Challenge to help anyone willing to make a change to a healthier, happier life.

Big thanks to Mike and his team. With their encouragement, guidance and support achieving this goal would have been more like a 6 month challenge. Get amongst it folks.





Over the last six weeks whilst training with AM I FIT and participating in the challenge I have lost 8.6% body fat, but most importantly gained strength, fitness and healthy habits in regards to eating. The training sessions are adaptable to all levels of fitness, with unwavering support from the trainers at all times. Mike is always available with support and advice regarding nutrition and training, and the flexible atmosphere recognises that life gets busy and helps find ways to work around obstacles. I’m so happy with my results and look forward to continuing my health journey with the support of Mike and the AM I FIT team.



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